Sunday, May 6, 2012 Review

I stumbled upon while browsing for available legitimate online jobs. One project poster is hiring for freelancers that can create thousands of questions and provide some answers as well. He mentioned about creating an account on Out of curiosity, I checked the site right away and learned interesting things about the site.

What is
It is a question and answer website. The company is mainly located in Kansas City, Mo. Everyone are free to ask and answer several questions. 

How does it work?
You should register as a member on the site in order to gain some points and earn extra bucks. You fill out on the form your username, age, email and password. Then click on create account. 

When asking question, just click Ask a Question on the upper right corner of the page. Select the category for your question. For guest users, you should provide your email so you will be notified when receiving answers to your question posted on the site. Next, you key in your question on the text box provided. Finally, enter the verification code to clear some spam bots then click submit.

When answering any question, click Unanswered which is still located on the upper right corner. There are several unanswered questions available on the page. Choose any of these questions which you think you can answer well. You may also click on any of the categories on the blue box just on the right portion of the page. There are some unanswered questions there. Click on any of these unanswered questions, key in your answer with a minimum of 30 words. Remember, do not copy paste your answer from any website. Your account will be automatically banned. In addition, do not give irrelevant answers, porn links, illegal and violent information. Do not answer the same question over and over again since the system will be able to detect your activity.

How to earn cash from the site?
You can only earn cash through providing quality answers. Question are not paid. Answer only those unanswered questions in order to earn some points. You can request for payment once you reached US$10. This means you need to answer around 500 questions to reach the minimum payout. However, there is a high chance that your payment would be doubled or tripled depending on the quality of your answers. 

Now, answering several questions in a few days is quite difficult to achieve. Worry no more since you can ask help from your facebook friends and several others. They can login using your username and help you answer those available unanswered questions.

How much can I earn?
From the site's page, they posted there the corresponding amount of cash for questions you answered.

1000 answers = 25 dollars
2000 answers = 40 dollars
3000 answers = 65 dollars

How do I get paid?
Payment is through PayPal account. You can request payment using the site's contact form. You need to include the username you are using on the site and then your PayPal account. They will look over the answers you have generated before you get your pay.  

My verdict:
Getting quite a measly pay for a long time of work is not for me. I rather ask questions instead.  Well, if you have nothing much to do during your free time, this might be good for you. I have known some members from the site who tried to hire people to answer questions for them.

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Friday, May 4, 2012 Review

I am pretty sure that most of you have heard or may have tried at one point in your life. I have been a member of this site for quite some time now. Sometimes, I get accepted to some job offers ranging from writing articles, transcribing audio files, doing data entry jobs and several others. The pay varies greatly. Unfortunately, writing jobs do not pay much at

Anyway, my experience with this site is just fine. So far, I have never encountered any problems with regards to payment. Just recently, they have added more features on the site that would protect freelancers from unscrupulous project poster. Yes, this kind of fraud or scam things do happen in There are several employers who offer data entry jobs. When they replied to your application, they would give links to their websites. They trick applicants to join their sites with a promise of high pay. However, at the end, if you do not work hard, you are nowhere close to getting the pay you are supposed to get for doing the job. 

Anyway, going back to freelancer's new features, they have added a new Financial Dashboard that will track and manage your financial transactions. New exams are also available but you have to pay an extra amount for this. In addition, I like the fact that are trying to sort out legitimate job offers in their system. They will send a personal message through email once they detected that a certain job offer you applied for is a fraud. They will send this kind of message through your email :


We wish to inform you that the following project has been deleted on due to what we believe is fraudulent activity:

Please heed our warning and desist from contact with the project poster.

Of course, you have to rely on your instinct as well when applying for a certain job offer. Remember, offering higher amount of pay more than the norm can give you a warning signal that the posted project maybe a fraud. You also have to check the profile and feedback regarding the job poster. 

Anyway, feel free to share your experiences or ideas regarding

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