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I am pretty sure that most of you have heard or may have tried at one point in your life. I have been a member of this site for quite some time now. Sometimes, I get accepted to some job offers ranging from writing articles, transcribing audio files, doing data entry jobs and several others. The pay varies greatly. Unfortunately, writing jobs do not pay much at

Anyway, my experience with this site is just fine. So far, I have never encountered any problems with regards to payment. Just recently, they have added more features on the site that would protect freelancers from unscrupulous project poster. Yes, this kind of fraud or scam things do happen in There are several employers who offer data entry jobs. When they replied to your application, they would give links to their websites. They trick applicants to join their sites with a promise of high pay. However, at the end, if you do not work hard, you are nowhere close to getting the pay you are supposed to get for doing the job. 

Anyway, going back to freelancer's new features, they have added a new Financial Dashboard that will track and manage your financial transactions. New exams are also available but you have to pay an extra amount for this. In addition, I like the fact that are trying to sort out legitimate job offers in their system. They will send a personal message through email once they detected that a certain job offer you applied for is a fraud. They will send this kind of message through your email :


We wish to inform you that the following project has been deleted on due to what we believe is fraudulent activity:

Please heed our warning and desist from contact with the project poster.

Of course, you have to rely on your instinct as well when applying for a certain job offer. Remember, offering higher amount of pay more than the norm can give you a warning signal that the posted project maybe a fraud. You also have to check the profile and feedback regarding the job poster. 

Anyway, feel free to share your experiences or ideas regarding

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  2. get freelance job is one of the fastest way to make money online. we need good reputation to get continues freelance job.

  3. Hi Bhing,

    My name is Emir and I work for I came across your blog post and we would like to thank you for your review on I'd like to add that we have more tips at our site ( to help you become successful freelancers and employers. is fully committed to bring you the best customer experience. actively monitors project listings that involve captcha data entry work as these jobs propagate junk e-mail and spam and clearly violates policies. But some captcha entry jobs disguise themselves as other data entry jobs (i.e MS Word typing, online work, etc.). If you do accept a data entry job and the employer asks you to enter captcha entries, please report it immediately to Customer Support or send e-mail so we can remove the illegal project.

    As of to date, there are more than 3.5 million users (and it continues to grow) of the site. We’re glad to report that we still have one of the largest pools of proven and very qualified freelancers and reputable employers. We assure you there are many great quality writing projects for you to bid on

    Thank you and we hope you continue to use

  4. Met bad workers and unable to write a review on them to warn others. Lousy system to reflect a person's history. Unable to message the worker and scold him when he aborted the project suddenly too. Bad place to be looking for outsourcing!

  5. has the worse staff and "customer support", if it can be called a "customer support", the staff is VERY rude, totally unprofessional, you can open a ticked and wait untill you die for an answer or you can receive a copy-paste stupid answer. They have the WORSE customer support I EVER seen!!! Also they have A LOT of cases where they "block" users accounts which have quite a lot of money and steal all the money. Don't use!!!

    1. TRUE! Just got scammed with close to $5000. is avoiding the subject with derived answers and a solution that caused extra loss.
      Now trying to stop last payments at my bank.

      Just for the record:
      - I never signed up, they "bought us" with scriptlance
      - we have experience good and bad with other sites (elance, odesk, old scriptlance). Sometimes we don't agree with a situation. But is different, you have no chance to win, be aware!

  6. WORSE customer support + they are VERY well known for blocking/suspending peoples account and steal their money, and MOST of the people they are blocking have a pretty good amount of money in that moment in their account! Don't use! The customer support, if it can be called like this is very unprofessional, I was normally asking them to help me and all I was receiving is a stupid copy-paste answer, I was replying again, and I received again the same copy-paste answer! The support said they can't help me with my problem, but about 4-5 months ago I opened a ticked with EXACTLY the same issue and the guy helped me without any problems. Very rude and unprofessional staff!! I will not recommend to anybody, I will write in all the possible forums, twitter, facebook, youtube etc... I HATE!!!

    1. Fully confirm!
      Emir is a liar, is a scam!

      Get your revenge, go through my manual:

    2. sorry anonymous but this guy helped me with my account problems. I couldn't withdraw anything from my account and I was so flustered by it I also wanted to post my problems online. I saw several ones and then I saw Emir posting and providing his e-mail address. I sent him an e-mail and told him my issues. He helped me lift my account limit and was able to withdraw my money. I think you just need to contact their support or this guy if no one else can help you.

  7. I started with Freelancer three weeks ago. They take their commission before the buyer makes any deposits--OK, I can deal with that, even thought it was US $100 on a $1000 job. Then I got a $5 charge for converting ZAR $0.01 into dollars, even though the buyer did not authorize it. Then the system wouldn't send me an SMS to verify my phone number. I asked for help. I was told the problem had been resolved. It hadn't. Then I asked the help desk again. I was told the "bug" was being forwarded to the appropriate office. Then, having been asked for no further inputs, eleven hours later I was told my ticket was closed because I hadn't responded within 24 hours. This is a scam site. Stay away from them. They are crooks.

  8. I agree that is a legitimate an done of the largest website for finding online work but they do have huge room for improvement. They need to listen to the complaints freelancers are making and make the experience of using the website better. All people cannot be complaining of the same issues so it means that the website has huge room for improvement

  9. Hi, is one the worst site I have ever dealt with. How they are into business as they always tries to cheat people.

    I have recently finished one project and as soon as I got amount in my account, they blocked it and I am not able to withdraw my money.

    I have sent them 1000 mails and still they are not activating my account. Please do not deal with them. Go to other sites for a safer business.

  10. Hi,

    I registered my account on and started bidding on it. I got my first job and got busy in finishing it. I finished my first job and got the agreed amount with nice feedback.

    Everything was fine till now but as soon as I got project amount in my freelancer account, they blocked my account and I am not able to withdraw funds.

    They asked me to verify the identity and asked to submit documents.

    As I have got some funds in my account, they are doing this to consume my money.

    I had no way so I presented all possible document and all of my documents are accepted as well.

    Now wants me to verify the accounts which is not mine and I can not do anything about that.

    I asked them why my account is not active and they had no answer.

    I said, Give me justifiable reason and I will pay you $ 1000.

    My account has been banned with no reasons and this thing is making me restless.

    My world is ending here with out freelancer that practices to harass people.

    I am least worried about such small amount. I am disappointed as online criminals like freelancer are present on Internet and user like me can be victim in future as well.

    I said 10,000 times that I am innocent and they still did not give me proof which shows I have done something wrong.

    I am now planning to invest further in my blog against you to make people aware about your fake policies to cheat people.



  11. Unfortunately it is the truth. Freelancer is the worst freelance job site.

  12. Unfortunately it is the truth. Freelancer is the worst freelance job site. needs to be shut down!

  13. It sure is a scam. I had bad experiences with the company.

  14. Hi,

    I just wanted to share with you an alternative solution to Freelancer sites. It is a Facebook App called Alatask and we just launched it.
    Alatask helps users post casual tasks and earn money. We are not taking any fees and believe that the power of social network can reduce fraud and increase level of trust between participants.

    I hope you will give a try.


  15. Hello guys i recently join and have no idea please need help!! i have bid on few data entry projects and got Private messages from the employers which have no reviews,and feedback,i am confused how can i trust them and how can i told them to pay me directly by my paypal account is there possible way?? thanks

  16. is a Scam

    They had taken my money before I was eligible to use your services. They have exposed me to a commitment to pay before they give me the ability to pay someone.

    Unbelievable !!!!

  17. Would any legitimate company threaten its users and publish their personal data? In my case this happened! is DANGEROUS for its users!

  18. I have read very negative reviews about by freelancers on this and others but I want to warn employers about this website. The site is a nightmare if you want to hire people. I just pity the few really good freelancers that are listed there. If you are looking for freelancers do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

  19. not care about the ultimate end user: the freelancer. They charge both sides (project creators and project bidders) and will do whatever it takes to keep the money they squeeze out of both ends.

    Example #1: If you put in a bid and are accepted, then do work and are not paid (partially your fault for not creating milestones and handing in the 100% completed work before being paid, sure..), they do not give a hoot whether you get paid. Even when you complain to them about an employer not paying you, they gladly place the blame back on you and don't lift a finger to punish the thief either in the form of a negative review (you aren't allowed to leave one if the project is never marked as "complete") or any other punitive measure.

    Example #2: If you accept a project that is set to earn you, say, $500 dollars, 10% is instantly taken from you. $50. Say the employer never gets back to you, follows up, or anything even results (no work is even done, etc), you CANNOT get back your $50. You can plead them, but your pleas will surely fall on deaf ears and automatons towing the company line about the necessity of following their high and mighty "policies" .. USE THESE GUYS AS A LAST RESORT, or if you do use them, TREAD CAREFULLY!

  20. Something similar happened to me when I tried to stop an unauthorized transaction that Freelancer tried to make with my Paypal account. I was suspended for trying to stop Freelancer from robbing me further! Read more at the page that I started-

    It's time to fight with the truth!

  21. - the biggest scam!

    Very serious and responsible I work 120%. On since 2008, but employers were allways happy and my ratings is still 5.0.

    Since the site passed into the Australian hands, the strongly degraded. A lot of things changed: the number of projects increased, new functions were added, greed of the grew many times, scam scale increased.

    The administration isn't capable to control monetary operations. They have no tools for this purpose. It is ok for the site, if after a good review and released payment, reversalt he transaction depriving you earned money. You do not even notified about it. They quietly remove the money from your account. I will say more. can reversal the transaction after the money is withdrawed and keep your balance in a deep minus , and then they demand from you to put the money back on your frelancer account. As a result the will remove from you 110% (10% fees, which were removed at the beginning of a project + 100% of your earned money that were returned to the employer). Sounds absurd? Today it is quite so on the site. To all claims they answer in the manner „We can do nothing. A chargeback has been filed on the employer‘s payment provider. We only take fees. We would recommend that you contact the employer directly and ask to pay again.“

    All of these milestones - complete nonsense! An employer can post a project, create a milestone, get the project done, release the money and after get all money back. promotes scam. What milestones for? To give the appearance of reliability? After a project is done, you won‘t see the money anyway. In addition, you pay 10% fees. Cool!

    Today the is not the guarantor of honest execution of deal. It is just a message board with the job offers, where you take all risks upon yourself. only can guarantee that you will pay them all fees for the opportunity to be deceived!

    It is a pity to lose rating and reviews, but it is even more a pity for the nerves. There are alternatives and it is time to leave You are sure it is no concern of you? Just type in google „ scam reversal“.

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