Saturday, December 31, 2011

Get Paid To Teach Online

One of the several ways to earn extra income online is to teach English or other subject matter. Online teaching is quite a booming profession these days. There is an increasing demand for online teachers nowadays. People from Japan,Korea, China and from some European countries have great demands for online English teachers while there are other students who look for tutors on other subjects. Several students prefer to study online within the comfort of their homes. Aside from that, studying online is much cheaper for students than enrolling in a special academy. Anyway, for those of you who are interested to venture into online teaching, there are available sites that you might like to join so you can have easy access with international students. Here are some get to paid teaching sites that you can check:

1. - Apply for a part-time tutoring job on This is open to college students, teachers and professionals who have extra time to work at home. You can work at your convenient time. To become a part-time tutor, you need to complete a five-step process. You should fill in an online application form, take some written exams, undergo a mock session with an online tutor and then pass a background check and final exam. Once you passed everything, then you are ready to start your online tutorial job. Right now, they are looking for tutors on other subject matters such as Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Statistics, Geometry, Chemistry and Physics. For further information, just visit the site.

2. - This a learning site which will connect both teachers and online learners. Teachers have great opportunities to reach students from anywhere around the world. There are three categories that are offered on Languages, Exam Prep and Other. If you are interested to teach, you can sign up on this site and complete your profile to get new students. 

3. - If you have the passion for teaching, you should try this site. You can teach any subjects that you are good at. This site serves as a browser-based Virtual classroom for both the teacher and the learner. If interested, just visit the site for additional information.

4. - If you are an experienced tutor with at least a graduate degree, then transwebtutors is just right for you. Before you start your job as a tutor, you need to undergo a background check, weeks of intensive training and pass some certification exams. Check it out for yourself.

5. - At the moment, LS offers only English learning and training service. This site is a convenient way to maximize earning potential for trainers. You can set the time and price for each course or topic you choose.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Review is another option for online surfers to maximize income opportunity. This is a paid to post forum site. There are three ways that one can earn from this site. You can earn for posting your ideas on forum chat rooms. You can also earn by referring your friends and other people to the site. From time to time, there are some posts made by the admin regarding job openings on the extra work section which is really a good income opportunity. Most of the job openings are on article writers, bloggers and more.

Moving on, you can start earning on this site simply by replying to some posts or you can even start a new post yourself. All of which you can earn a measly amount of income. This is not a quick rich scheme program. If you enjoy posting on forums, then this is a good site for you. Each post you submitted should contain 25 words or more except for game forums. The admin is quite strict when it comes to posting quality posts. They do not allow spamming. You can always check all the rules from the site for more information. When it comes to earnings, the post rate is around $ 0.01 - 0.02. Through your referrals, you can earn 50c.  Now, you can cash out your earnings only through PayPal account. The minimum cash out is $9. 

Anyway, the platform is quite easy to use. You can even make your personalized profile and interact with other members through a private message. Just take time to familiarize the whole platform and in the long run, you will get the hang of it. Aside from earning a minimal income from Morachat, the admin and the members are really friendly and accommodating. You can also receive messages from your personal email regarding some announcements or posts that you made. The good thing about this site is that it is very interactive. You can easily ask from the admin with prompt answers.  From time to time, the admin post some tutorials on article writing, blogging and other stuffs. This a good site to earn and learn from other people as well.  So, if you enjoy paid to post forum, then try Morachat.  My experience on this site is really good. I visit this site like 4 or 5 times a week during my free time. If you regularly post on the site, then you can easily reach your minimum payout in just a few days. Note that this task would not really make you rich but the friendship, fun and knowledge you learn from other people is indeed great! New income opportunities also await you.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011 Review

If you love to write any relevant topics, then Triond is just the right place for you. It is your opportunity to share your passion in writing. Anyway, I have been a member of this site for barely a month now. I just tried it when a friend of mine recommended it to me. What I like about this site is that it has a professional designed platform. It is easy to maneuver.  You will also have your personal webpage in which you can add friends, post your blog sites, articles, photos and more. You can submit not just articles but as well as your videos, photos and sound files. The submitted articles, photos and other things are reviewed immediately and after a few minutes, these will be published on different sites affiliated to Triond. 

Anyway, the good thing about this site is that you can earn extra money. One can earn money from Triond every time a person views your articles. If you get more views on your submitted articles and photos, then you earn more as well. However, the amount is quite low and not sufficient enough for a writing job. Still, do not be disappointed. If you have your own blog, then you can take advantage of Triond. There are several Triond members who are established bloggers. You can make friends with them and build consistent followers for your own blog. 

So far, I have only submitted two articles and a photo since I am still testing this site. In just less than a week, I got twelve views from fellow Triond members and I earned US$0.01. I was really surprised that with just a small number of views I can start earning. A good tip to earn more views is to promote your articles to your social networking friends, your family members or simply put up a Triond widget on your blog site. In this way, viewers of your blog may have a chance to view your articles on Triond. Setting up your Triond widget is just very easy to do. Just go to your Account button on your Triond platform and click Triond Widget. Key in your pen name on the left side and then get your widget. It will be directly pasted to your blog. This is a good way to let other readers know about your articles on Triond. Remember, more views, more income.  Your earnings on Triond will depend on traffic views. Payment is via PayPal account. You can withdraw once you reached US$0.50. So, if you are interested you can always sign up on this site anytime you want.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Get Paid To Chat Online

There are several opportunities to work online. The problem is that it is hard to pinpoint websites that are really legitimate. Now, my topic is focused on Getting Paid To Chat Online. Yes, a lot of people have been asking me regarding the chance to get paid while chatting online. Before I move on any further, let me just stress out that I am not referring to those websites that have women who get paid to chat to other people. Those website companies really offer big salary but I do not have any idea about any of those.

Moving on, based from my experience, I tried around two get paid to chat websites. The payments are quite small for these sites. However, once piled up, it may add an additional income for you. Aside from chatting for long hours, the success of getting good income while chatting is through referral program. The more friends and people you can refer, the more money you can earn. So, if you are interested on paid to chat websites, then you may try any of the following sites:

1. – this is the first paid online chatting site that I joined. I may have not earned big income from this site but I was able to meet new friends online. The good thing is that I was able to share and refer some of these online friends to my other online jobs.  I gained more connections. Anyway, earning some income on varies according on the village that you join in. You also need to post good quality topics on the site and free from spam. The number of referrals and quantity of your post also matter a lot. You can easily cash out payment from your PayPal account when you reached US$0.01. You can also make use of AlertPay in which the minimum payout is USS1.00. Anyway, platform is quite easy to use. You log in, choose a village that you like to join in. On the site, a “pot” value can be seen from each village. So, your earning is based on the latest “pot” value on your chosen village and also the number of messages that you processed the whole time. Now, when sending a message, you direct a message to a certain user. Simply type “@” and followed by a username. If you are interested to join, you can check the site for yourself. There are rules that a user must strictly follow in order not to be banned from this site.

2. - It is almost the same as Birejji. This paid to chat site has a minimum payout of US$0.05 through PayPal. I joined this site just two weeks ago. I visit this site from time to time and see its progress. So, far I have a very slow progress in my earning. Just like Birejji, I also gained new online friends. I can chat with them on the platform with pay and talking about some businesses. I can also chat with other users through a private chat though I cannot earn from chatting in private. This is good in eliminating spam especially if you talk to some users about other online job opportunities. By the way, for 25 characters or more, one can earn US$0.0001. The payment is so small but the camaraderie that you form with other online users paid much. You can discuss privately about other job opportunities which can be a good work advantage for both users. If you are interested, sign up on this site for additional information. 

Anyway, just check out my blog from time to time for I will be updating more about this topic. I am working on another paid to chat site. I will be giving you some feedback on my latest discovery in the coming days. So, just bear with me. Enjoy and have fun earning online!

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    Sunday, December 11, 2011 Review

    I tried working on just around June of this year. I got curious by some people’s feedback regarding the site so I tried it myself. Anyway, you can sign up on the site for free and you get paid through your Amazon Payments account. For US based worker, you can easily cash out your payments by gift certificate from or you can cash out money through your US bank account. However for international workers, you are only entitled to an gift certificate. However, workers from India can receive check for their earnings. For further information regarding the payments, just check on the FAQ. 

    Anyway, my experience with is not at all productive since I have a full-time job. I never expected to earn much knowing that I am an international worker. Gift certificates are just fine for me. Now, talking about Mturk’s platform, it is a bit messy at first but once you get the hang of it, it would be easy to maneuver the platform. There are several hits that are open to individuals. Some available tasks need some qualification tests before you can do the task. On my part, I have limited opportunities to do some tasks due to my geographical location. Most of the tasks involve article writing, audio transcribing, data researching, answering surveys and several others. Some tasks specifically require US based people. Anyway, sometimes I am lucky to get writing task like 150 words review which would cost US$1. Well, this is quite easy for me since I have more experienced in writing. Other tasks only cost a penny. My advice is that if you want to earn more, try to do tasks that offer higher earnings for you. In addition, you should view the Hits first before you accept the task. If you cannot do it, move to another task so you will not waste your time. 

    All in all, I cannot say that this site can give a sufficient income especially for international workers since you can only get Amazon gift certificates in exchange for your earnings. Up until now, I have not received any Amazon gift certificate yet since I only have minimal earnings. The key to earning more on is to be an active member. You are fortunate if you are a US based worker. There are several opportunities for you. For international workers, if you are interested to receive gift certificates, then might as well sign up for this site. Anyway, feel free to share your experiences with Mturk.
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    Friday, December 9, 2011 Review

    I am an on and off member of CloudCrowd. When I am not busy from other tasks, I spend some time on this site. It is a good source of additional income especially during my free time. Anyway for you to get started, you go to CloudCrowd and then click the tab, Earn Money Now. It will lead you to your Facebook account. CloudCrowd has a Facebook–based application. After linking on your Facebook account, you will fill out a form and you are ready to go. You just need to read the rules first before you start working. Anyway, there are available credential tests that you can take on the platform. You can see these tests on the Credentials tab. You will be notified of your test results through email. Credentials are only taken 4 times and if you do not pass the first time, you have to wait another month before you can take the same credential test. The tests include write product descriptions, grade written English test, write product titles, edit documents and more. Once you passed all these credentials, then more tasks are available for you which means more chances of getting income. However, you do not have to worry since there are available tasks that do not require credential test. The pay rate varies accordingly. You can also earn by referring your friends on CloudCrowd. A small percentage will be paid to you every time your friends completed a task on CloudCrowd.  The good thing about CloudCrowd is that they pay promptly through PayPal account. In my case, once I completed a task, I got my payment the next business day. Isn’t it amazing? 

    Moving on, there are things that you need to remember while working on CloudCrowd. You need to keep a good credibility level. Your level starts from 30 and then it goes up when you start getting good task approval. You need to do well on each task you do since one wrong task and your credibility level will go down. If you reach a very low level, you will be put on probation and you are monitored carefully. Well, it also happened to me several times in the past, making some errors in my work. Now, I am careful in choosing tasks in which I can totally give a good result. If you continue to do a bad performance, there is a high chance that your account is suspended. 

    If you find this site quite interesting, you can always sign up for free. Review everything and do your work carefully. Enjoy and earn more while using CloudCrowd.
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    Thursday, December 8, 2011

    Get Paid To Upload Photos Online


    These past few days, I have been reviewing about my experiences regarding some home-based online writing jobs. There are just several websites that pay individuals to write with variations in payments. Now in my next blogs, I am going to introduce to you some other ways to earn online. Writing online is just one of the many home-based online jobs that you can choose from. If you have an interest in photography, you can make extra cash out of your hobby. Yes, that’s right! There are just several online businesses and people who are willing to pay extra amount for your good quality photos. Some of them used pictures for their blogs, websites and several other reasons. Whatever their reasons are, it is to your great advantage to make money out of your photographs. Anyway, here are some websites for you to earn extra money with your photographs. Check out these sites:

    1. – Make extra income and earn 60% from your sold images. You will enjoy copyright and editorial control of your images.  

    2. – Be a contributor on this site for free. Learn the Contributors Tutorial and start uploading your good quality images. You keep the copyrights of your images as well. You can earn 30% in their For Pay As You Go purchases when a customer downloads one of your images. Check this out. 

    3. – Simply fill out an application on this site and you are required to submit 3 images. Your application will be quickly reviewed. Once you are accepted, you can start uploading photos. You will earn a commission every time one of your images is downloaded. You can refer other photographers and earn US$5 per 50 photos they sell. You can cash out payment once you reach US$50. Payments are sent through PayPal. You can also opt for MoneyBookers transfer or mailed check but outstanding balance should be US$100. 

    4. – You can submit outstanding images in different categories. For a newbie, you are only allowed to submit 10 images every week. You retain the copyright of your images and you can continue using or selling them anytime. You get US$0.25 commission for every download of your images. 

    5. – You register on the site and ask to submit five samples of your best photographs. This is a quick exam for you. Once you passed it, you are ready to upload photos 24/7. Sellers can earn 40% to 60% of the revenue of your photo downloads. You can withdraw funds once you reached US$50. You can cash out through PayPal, MoneyBookers or Webmoney account.  

    6. – You can earn 25-60% for each sale of your stock images. You can request your payments when you reach an outstanding balance of US$100 on your account. Payments are sent via PayPal, MoneyBookers, Payoneer and bank check. 

    7. – Contributors can receive a royalty payout from 20% to 63% for photos sold through single –image download. In addition, you can earn 0.25 to 0.40 credits for photos sold through subscription download. Payment method is through PayPal and MoneyBookers. 

    8. – This site allows anyone to register as a photographer. You need to pass a short test first by submitting 3 photos. Once you get an approval, then you are ready to start uploading your photos. Payments are through PayPal, MoneyBookers, MasterCard Payoneer and Check. For further information, just browse over the FAQ on the site. 

    9. – You do not need to be a professional photographer to sell your images. You can earn 50% commission on your uploaded photos. You can invite your friends to make a referral. You earn 10% per sold photo of your referred photographer. You also earn 5% from your referred buyer for every photo he or she purchases. 

    10. – Wherever you may be, you can always contribute your photos on this site. They pay per assignment. The mode of payment is through PayPal account. 

    11. – You can sell stock and event photos. You get 85% commission on all your sold images but you must pay a 3.25% processing fee. You can cash out payments once you reached US$100. Payment is through PayPal, check or bank wire. 

    12. – The minimum royalty rate per download of your images is 50% and can go as high as 62.5%. Payments are through PayPal and MoneyBookers. You can request a payout once you reached US$50. 

    13. – You simply fill out a form on the sign up page and you can start uploading your photos.  You can earn from US$0.25 to US$28 depending on the users’ download on your images. You can also earn by referring other photographers and customers to the site. Just submit as many photos as you want to. The more you submit, the more you increase your chances in earning extra amount of money. In order to cash out your earnings, you need to have at least US$75 on your account. You can cash out through PayPal or MoneyBookers. You need a minimum of US$300 for check payments. This is open to all countries. 

    14. – Start uploading photos and illustrations and earn royalties from this site. Royalty rates range from US$0.35 to US$7 depending on the size of your images and price in credits. You can be paid through PayPal or Payoneer. Check out the FAQ for further information. 

    15. – There are three ways that you can earn in this site. You can sell photos and get 50% of the net proceeds, refer customers and get 15% of the subscription or purchase and finally, refer photographers. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself. 

    With all those things considered, you are now ready to bring out your camera and take quality photos around you. This simple hobby of yours may go a long way. There are just several opportunities to showcase your photo collections. Isn’t it interesting?
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    Wednesday, December 7, 2011 Review

    It is quite amazing that we can earn extra income even within our homes. All we need to have is a good computer or laptop, a reliable internet connection and we are ready to go. But wait; before you get too excited, you need to do a thorough research first before you apply for an online job. You just don’t want to be a victim of any scamming employers. Always remember, you do not have to pay any amount of money just to apply for an online job. Anyway, as for me, I have tried several websites that offer home-based job opportunities for everyone. Today, I will be reviewing about So, have you ever heard of this site? Well, first of all, microworkers  is a site for both employers and employees. There are tasks waiting to be completed by the workers. These tasks include voting and rating stuffs, writing an article, clicking or searching some sites and several other things to do. Each task has a corresponding amount of payments. The site is quite easy to handle. There is also a FAQ that you can browse through for additional information. Anyway, the minimum amount to cash out is US$9. One can cash out using MoneyBookers and AlertPay.

    Now, my experience with this site is not satisfactory at all. From the time I first joined on this site up until this moment, I have never received any payments from them. To activate withdrawals on this site, you need to have your PIN first. You will request for the PIN number and it will be mailed to your address. I did this thing several months ago. I requested for my PIN number twice and I never received any mail from them. I have never cashed out my payments from them. The sad thing is that every time I requested for a PIN number, US$2 is deducted from my account. I am just one of those unlucky individuals who were not able to cash out our payments. I cannot claim whether this site is a scam or not since there are active members from this site who claim on getting their money without delay. I just hope next time instead of using a postal mail; they should make use of the email for workers to get their PIN number.  

    How about you? What can you say about Is it a scam or not?

    Monday, December 5, 2011

    The first time I ventured into online writing, I tried I stumbled upon this site while searching for a legitimate online writing job. As we all know, it is just quite difficult to work for a legitimate online site these days. There are just too many scammers. Anyway, from the feedback from reviewstream users, I read both positive and negative comments. However, I did not find out comments regarding this site as a scam. So, I tried it for myself. After all, at that time, it was my first time to try into online writing. I thought to myself, it would be a good stepping stone for me to start up a career in online writing. 

    Anyway, is all about reviewing different kinds of products, from the usual brand of soap we use every day to the name of bookstore or mall that we frequently visit. You can have a lot of stuffs to review. You will never run out of ideas as long as you review products based on your experience. I have submitted hundreds of reviews on There are top reviewers who check the submitted articles before they get approved. They leave some comments on the platform. From time to time, I got some articles rejected or need some revisions due to not being specific or the topic is not just interesting.  However, it never discouraged me to keep writing. I was even more challenged to do better on my task. It was such a great learning experience for me. Moreover, I also like the fact that the site is quite easy to navigate. It is quite functional. You do not have to undergo a formal registration. The only thing that you do is to choose your own pen name and then provide an email address. The mode of payment is through PayPal. You can read the FAQ for further information. 

    In terms of income, I can say that it is quite a paltry amount for an experienced writer. It is not sufficient enough to sustain your daily needs. However, for a newbie, this is also one of the good writing sites to start with. You just have to work hard and you can earn more if you put your heart into writing more product reviews. You will also learn extra tips from the top reviewers of the site. In addition, they pay promptly once you reached the pay-out limit which is now US$30. It would only take hours for me to cash out my earnings. I can say that this is a one hundred percent legitimate online writing site. Now, I am already starting my own blog sites but still I write on this site from time to time.
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    Friday, December 2, 2011 Review

    One of the fastest growing trends today on the internet world is of course doing some home-based online jobs. Online writing is very common among those home-based online jobs. There are several online companies that offer article writing to aspiring writers. One of these several writing website companies is

    First of all, the website is quite easy to maneuver. You simply register, key in your chosen username, first name, last name, email address, PayPal account and then the password. Then you click, register and you are ready to go. You do not have to wait a confirmation message from your email. You can now log into the platform with your username name and password. Once you successfully logged in, you can start writing by hitting submit button on the topmost part or click Write A New Article part. You can choose different keywords. You have to write a minimum of 400 words per article. You need to use the given keyword in your written article. The keyword density should be around 2-6%. You have to be certain that you utilize the given keywords or else your articles will not be accepted for submission. Anyway, there is a counter that would notify you on the number of words that you have keyed in so far. Anyway, to make the story short, it is just so easy to use the platform. Even high school students can do it all alone.

    My experience with this site is just satisfactory. I cannot say that it is good or bad, just in between. I joined this site through a friend of mine. I started writing articles just last July of this year. I wrote around 3 articles during the first week of my registration. Those articles were all approved and at the end of the week, I got my payment through my PayPal account. From then on, I continuously write on During those times, I could write around 6-8 articles per day. They decline articles which have low keyword density, plagiarism or some grammar errors. I was given a second chance to revise those declined articles. If you could not pass the revision part, then your article would be deleted from your account permanently. Anyway, each article costs $1.25. I got prompt payments every week. The good thing is that they actually pay.

    However, on the negative aspect, I experienced several flaws from the site. Sometimes, I could not access the site due to some technical glitches which is quite frustrating. There is no contact information on the site to report regarding some problems. In short, I was on my own. In addition, there were times that it would take two weeks or almost a month for my articles to get approved. The amount per articles is quite measly if you are an experienced writer. However, for a newbie, it is a good training ground for you. The writing is just freestyle. You need to research on the given keywords. Now, on this part, it is quite difficult to come up with a good and grammatically correct article. You have to make used of these keywords several times in your written articles. Here are some strange keywords that I encountered while writing on this site:
    • Complete Blood Count Normal
    • Meet People Online Free
    • Short Children S Stories
    • Halloween Punch Recipes Alcoholic
    Those are just some of the keywords that are simply difficult to compose. I also heard some feedback from friends that they tried using multiple accounts since their previous accounts were not accessible anymore. All in all, the site is legitimate but then again, there are just too many technical problems which leave the writers frustrated. I suggest that the company should try to make some revisions in order to address the problems.

    Anyway, if you have any experience you might want to share regarding, feel free to share your ideas. It is good to bring important information for everyone.

    Update: (Dec. 17, 2011) - I checked my account on just this morning. I could not access the site anymore. There might be some technical problems again. It usually happens. Anyway, for almost three months of work on this site, I was able to earn around US$500. I cashed out my earnings through PayPal. 

    Update: (January 10, 2012) - I checked the site and it is working fine now. It can readily be accessed. The problem is that there are no available articles to be written at this moment. If you are a writer on this site, just check it from time to time. You may be able to grab some keywords soon.

    Latest Update: (August 03, 2012) - I stopped writing for this site. They keep declining or removing my articles without valid reasons. The payments are always delayed. So, I suggest you find better legitimate writing sites.

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    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    An Overview on Home-based Online Jobs

    Home-based Online Jobs

    Technology has contributed a lot to mankind. Through the years, technology has greatly evolved. A few decades back, who would have imagined that we would be using these high technology gadgets now? We are so fortunate right now that we can use these electronic gadgets and several others just to cater our individual needs. There have been several electronic gadgets that were introduced in the market. It is to our great advantage that we are able to maximize these gadgets for our everyday used. Life is far more comfortable and convenient these days compared from the olden days.

    Moving on, almost everyone has their own electronic gadgets for daily used such as the cell phones, laptops, computers, IPods and more. Aside from cell phones, laptops and computers are commonly used by everyone. We use computers in the workplace, in school and even at home. Now, with these computers and laptops easily accessible at home, there are also some changes in the working status of some people. There are individuals who prefer to do some home-based online jobs at home. They have made used of their laptops and computers to its full potential.  People now engage into online freelancing jobs. They can choose their time to work. In fact, there are several job opportunities online. The best thing that a newbie can do is to browse the internet, research some online jobs that would match your skills, then you are ready to go. 

    However, as there are thousands of online jobs available, you also have to be careful in choosing legitimate online jobs. Let’s face it; there are several home-based jobs that are fraudulent in nature especially if these home-based jobs ask some money from applicants. Remember, a legitimate home-based job will never ask for payments during application. It is not just sensible at all. They only aim in extracting more money from applicants. Anyway, in my next blogs, I will be talking about some home-based online jobs that really pay. I can give both positive and negative feedback regarding these home-based online jobs. Anyway, that will be all for now.
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