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One of the fastest growing trends today on the internet world is of course doing some home-based online jobs. Online writing is very common among those home-based online jobs. There are several online companies that offer article writing to aspiring writers. One of these several writing website companies is

First of all, the website is quite easy to maneuver. You simply register, key in your chosen username, first name, last name, email address, PayPal account and then the password. Then you click, register and you are ready to go. You do not have to wait a confirmation message from your email. You can now log into the platform with your username name and password. Once you successfully logged in, you can start writing by hitting submit button on the topmost part or click Write A New Article part. You can choose different keywords. You have to write a minimum of 400 words per article. You need to use the given keyword in your written article. The keyword density should be around 2-6%. You have to be certain that you utilize the given keywords or else your articles will not be accepted for submission. Anyway, there is a counter that would notify you on the number of words that you have keyed in so far. Anyway, to make the story short, it is just so easy to use the platform. Even high school students can do it all alone.

My experience with this site is just satisfactory. I cannot say that it is good or bad, just in between. I joined this site through a friend of mine. I started writing articles just last July of this year. I wrote around 3 articles during the first week of my registration. Those articles were all approved and at the end of the week, I got my payment through my PayPal account. From then on, I continuously write on During those times, I could write around 6-8 articles per day. They decline articles which have low keyword density, plagiarism or some grammar errors. I was given a second chance to revise those declined articles. If you could not pass the revision part, then your article would be deleted from your account permanently. Anyway, each article costs $1.25. I got prompt payments every week. The good thing is that they actually pay.

However, on the negative aspect, I experienced several flaws from the site. Sometimes, I could not access the site due to some technical glitches which is quite frustrating. There is no contact information on the site to report regarding some problems. In short, I was on my own. In addition, there were times that it would take two weeks or almost a month for my articles to get approved. The amount per articles is quite measly if you are an experienced writer. However, for a newbie, it is a good training ground for you. The writing is just freestyle. You need to research on the given keywords. Now, on this part, it is quite difficult to come up with a good and grammatically correct article. You have to make used of these keywords several times in your written articles. Here are some strange keywords that I encountered while writing on this site:
  • Complete Blood Count Normal
  • Meet People Online Free
  • Short Children S Stories
  • Halloween Punch Recipes Alcoholic
Those are just some of the keywords that are simply difficult to compose. I also heard some feedback from friends that they tried using multiple accounts since their previous accounts were not accessible anymore. All in all, the site is legitimate but then again, there are just too many technical problems which leave the writers frustrated. I suggest that the company should try to make some revisions in order to address the problems.

Anyway, if you have any experience you might want to share regarding, feel free to share your ideas. It is good to bring important information for everyone.

Update: (Dec. 17, 2011) - I checked my account on just this morning. I could not access the site anymore. There might be some technical problems again. It usually happens. Anyway, for almost three months of work on this site, I was able to earn around US$500. I cashed out my earnings through PayPal. 

Update: (January 10, 2012) - I checked the site and it is working fine now. It can readily be accessed. The problem is that there are no available articles to be written at this moment. If you are a writer on this site, just check it from time to time. You may be able to grab some keywords soon.

Latest Update: (August 03, 2012) - I stopped writing for this site. They keep declining or removing my articles without valid reasons. The payments are always delayed. So, I suggest you find better legitimate writing sites.

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  1. I have been writing for this website a while now and suddenly my articles are not being reviewed. It's more than two weeks now, and nothing happens. It's a bit dissapoiting from a website that pays every week.

  2. Yes, the same problem is with me. they check articles after weeks and put payment of those review articles in back week and don't pay anything. Means i put a lot of effort to make articles they never check them, removed after a period with no pay. so please be careful while writing for this site. Some guidelines and what kind of articles they want, i have posted some on my personal belog please do visit

    1. Yes, you were both right! I stopped writing for this site as they kept removing my articles. Before, they used to pay on time.

  3. I wrote a total of 45 articles which was all approved a month ago. I only received a payment of 3.50 so far. Still waiting!!!



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