Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Get Paid To Chat Online

There are several opportunities to work online. The problem is that it is hard to pinpoint websites that are really legitimate. Now, my topic is focused on Getting Paid To Chat Online. Yes, a lot of people have been asking me regarding the chance to get paid while chatting online. Before I move on any further, let me just stress out that I am not referring to those websites that have women who get paid to chat to other people. Those website companies really offer big salary but I do not have any idea about any of those.

Moving on, based from my experience, I tried around two get paid to chat websites. The payments are quite small for these sites. However, once piled up, it may add an additional income for you. Aside from chatting for long hours, the success of getting good income while chatting is through referral program. The more friends and people you can refer, the more money you can earn. So, if you are interested on paid to chat websites, then you may try any of the following sites:

1. – this is the first paid online chatting site that I joined. I may have not earned big income from this site but I was able to meet new friends online. The good thing is that I was able to share and refer some of these online friends to my other online jobs.  I gained more connections. Anyway, earning some income on varies according on the village that you join in. You also need to post good quality topics on the site and free from spam. The number of referrals and quantity of your post also matter a lot. You can easily cash out payment from your PayPal account when you reached US$0.01. You can also make use of AlertPay in which the minimum payout is USS1.00. Anyway, platform is quite easy to use. You log in, choose a village that you like to join in. On the site, a “pot” value can be seen from each village. So, your earning is based on the latest “pot” value on your chosen village and also the number of messages that you processed the whole time. Now, when sending a message, you direct a message to a certain user. Simply type “@” and followed by a username. If you are interested to join, you can check the site for yourself. There are rules that a user must strictly follow in order not to be banned from this site.

2. - It is almost the same as Birejji. This paid to chat site has a minimum payout of US$0.05 through PayPal. I joined this site just two weeks ago. I visit this site from time to time and see its progress. So, far I have a very slow progress in my earning. Just like Birejji, I also gained new online friends. I can chat with them on the platform with pay and talking about some businesses. I can also chat with other users through a private chat though I cannot earn from chatting in private. This is good in eliminating spam especially if you talk to some users about other online job opportunities. By the way, for 25 characters or more, one can earn US$0.0001. The payment is so small but the camaraderie that you form with other online users paid much. You can discuss privately about other job opportunities which can be a good work advantage for both users. If you are interested, sign up on this site for additional information. 

Anyway, just check out my blog from time to time for I will be updating more about this topic. I am working on another paid to chat site. I will be giving you some feedback on my latest discovery in the coming days. So, just bear with me. Enjoy and have fun earning online!

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