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Reasons Why I Stopped Reading Your Blog

Reasons Why I Stopped Reading Your Blog

I enjoy reading different blogs everyday. I read almost everything from blogging ideas, fashion blogs, historical, musical and even showbiz blogs. The internet is just so vast that one can learn all sort of things in just a matter of short time. Anyway, there are several blog sites that I have bookmarked for years now. I still have some of those interesting blogs while I deleted those blogs that I lost interest reading. I posted here my personal reasons why I stopped reading those blogs.

1. Your blog takes several minutes to load up.
Readers do not like to keep waiting on a blog site that would load up too long. You may have uploaded several widgets and other stuffs that may not be important in your blog. When things like this happen, I readily cancel loading up the blog site.

2. Your blog is unreadable.
Sometimes, you think adding several colors would entice your readers to follow your blog. In fact, this is the exact opposite. I do not want to strain my eyes reading on something that is too splashy nor too dark. It is also difficult to read blogs with small fonts and those with overwhelmingly huge font size. I would prefer to read simple text font and decent color blogs that are not eye straining. After all, simplicity is beauty.

3. Your blog is simply a total mess.
I cannot locate where your latest article is. There are just too many ads and other stuffs on your blog that it distracts me from reading your latest article.

4. Your blog has so many pop-ups.
It is quite frustrating that instead of reading your article, all I can see are those annoying pop-ups. There are some blogs with simple pop-ups on the side. However, there are blogs that have several pop-ups that would occupy the entire blog platform. It leaves the readers getting annoyed and would never return to your blog site.

5. Your blog is not updated.
The latest article on your blog is dated two or three months ago. Either you are too busy with your life or with other jobs or you simply drifted away. I love to follow your blog when you keep fresh contents every week. It is something that readers are looking forward to.

6. You simply do not reply to comments.
I love leaving comments to interesting articles on your blog. However, you are not quite interactive or you simply do not care. Isn't it exciting and wonderful knowing that someone took the time reading your blog? I guess out of appreciation or letting the reader know that you are indeed alive and kicking, why not reply back to those comments? Not only will your reader appreciate your effort but you gain avid readers, too.

7. Your blog does not have a particular subject.
One second you talk about blogging ideas, then the next, you give your thoughtless bickering about the world and the people around you. I would definitely get lost on that one. In the first place, I visited your blogs because I want to learn interesting ideas from you, not about your personal problems. I guess there is a specific place on that one.

8. Your blog is a product of plagiarism.
This is very disheartening. There are several bloggers out there who make extra effort and time to research on certain topic that they want to post on their blogs. Now, here comes a lazy blogger who simply wants to copy other's content. I read two or three blogs in the past that literally copied one's blog word for word. I never visited those blog sites again. 

I am not an expert on these stuffs. I also had my shortcomings regarding my blog. However, I try to reinvent so I can gain more readership. After all, I put up this blog not just for my personal use but to share to everyone. Anyway, feel free to share your reasons why you stopped reading other blog sites.

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  1. "I visited your blogs because I want to learn interesting ideas from you, not about your personal problems."

    For some of us, a blog is the only place we *can* post about our problems. If I kept a hand-written journal at home, someone would read it and I would get an earful of how I shouldn't even think a certain way.

    A blog is a personal thing. Personally, I dislike reading blogs that just copy and paste news articles or link to them, stealing AP photos and pretending they are the first ones to see such a photo. Though this really hasn't been a problem, but it was pretty big after 9/11. If a blog is on it's own space and you're reading it on your time, it's not really your call as to what a blogger can or cannot put on that space.

    1. Hello Echo, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Anyway, I totally agree with you. It is not my call on what everyone wants to write on their blogs. I also read several personal blogs about family, grieving, and even suicide problems. I do like reading those stuffs since they offer interesting insight about life and how they cope their problems and more. They are actually helping other people.

      What I was referring about was my experience on bookmarking a certain blog on blogging tips and other blogging strategies which I found interesting and then suddenly, the next topics talked about things on hatred, frustrations and other stuffs. I was referring to #7, "Your blog does not have a particular subject". I even added, "I guess there is a specific place on that one". I am not referring to this as writing your personal problems on your written journal. Not at all. Maybe just a bit specific on subject so that readers can follow you. What I wrote above are my personal preferences as a blog reader.

  2. Nice list of what turns away blog readers. I would try to keep watch that my blog would not fall into any of these shortcomings. If there's one thing that I've been falling short of these past weeks is writing more often. Got lots of stuff to take care of. So... Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    1. Stay at Home Blessings, thank you for dropping by. I also have trouble updating my blog everyday. But I guess, three articles per week would be enough to keep readers updated. :)

  3. The number 1 reason I don't visit a blog anymore is because of its excessive pop-ups! I met with a blog which has pop-ups on every single page(Unbelievable), although it has quality content but I just couldn't stand those annoying pop-ups anymore. Another reason would be slow page load. If a site takes too long to load, I'll immediately click on the little "x" on the top right corner and say goodbye to it. Nice post Bhing, hope my blog is not in your "I Stopped Reading Your Blog" list :)

    1. not at all Peter, your blog got interesting stuffs that readers would definitely follow. Anyway, I totally agree with you regarding pop-ups and the slow loading time. It would definitely drive away readers from that blog.



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