Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paid2YouTube.com Review

Hello everyone, I am back to blogging world. I have just been quite preoccupied these past few days. I never got the time to update this making money blog. Anyway, talking about making money online, another great and exciting opportunity that you might want to join is Paid2YouTube.com. For those who are fond of surfing and watching interesting videos from youtube, then here is your chance to earn extra bucks. Below are the detailed stuffs you might want to know about Paid2YouTube.com:

What is Paid2YouTube.com?
Paid2YouTube.com is an interesting service site that features several youtube videos to reach the viewers. You are paid every time you watch youtube videos, leave comments, subscribe to the video and give some ratings. It is quite an easy task and you can just spend an hour a day during your free time. 

If you want to promote your own videos on youtube and get more viewers, comments and subscriptions, you can also join this site. There is an advertisement fee that you need to pay.

How does it work? 
You go to Paid2YouTube webpage, sign up to become a member. Once you finished the registration, you can start working immediately. You can view the videos on the Surf Videos Page. You can also comment, subscribe and rate. 

Who can apply?
Anybody can apply as long as you have a valid PayPal account. Only one person can join in your household. The system checks your IP address. In addition, only one log-in account is permitted. Otherwise, your account will be terminated and ban from using Paid2YouTube.

How much can I earn?
For every video that you view, you can earn  $0.005. For posting a comment, you will earn $0.10. For your subscription, you get to earn $0.15 and for each rating, you will earn $0.10. So, the more tasks you do, the more cash you will earn. You can also earn additional income through their referral scheme.

How do I get paid?
Payment is through your PayPal account. You can request to cash out once you reached the minimum amount of $10.00. Payment is processed within 30 business days.

I joined this site like three months ago. I am not really an active member. I need around five dollars more to cash out my earnings. One should be an active member on this site so your account will not be deactivated. You can check the Paid2YouTube.com for more information.


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  3. I saw the site on the other blog, and it really caught my attention and interest to search more about this, until I dropped here. I really wonder if this is legit and pay their members. But after I read those information above, I think I must try it now. By the way, what if I don't have paypal or any bank accounts, how they will pay me?

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  4. Paid2youtube is a scam They say they pay within 30 Days it is now been over 40 days.

  5. Hi, really nice review and I admire people who blog profitable content. I didnt know paidtoyoutube but will try soon.

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