Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another Problem I Encountered With My Blog

I got so busy these past few days that I was not able to update this blog. Anyway, a  few days back, I posted here regarding the problems I encountered with my blog. I still need to work out those typical blogging problems. I thought those were just the problems that I would encounter. Yesterday, I checked my blog stats at At first, nothing was out of ordinary except the number of sites linked into my blog increased. However, I was shocked when I saw this site, Now, this really freaks me out. When I opened the site, it led me to my own blog site. Notice that the domain I used is There were some differences that I noticed on the other blog site. Look at the pics below and see the difference. 

  • The domain name is different. 
  • The ad which is running on top of my blog is not shown on the other site. 
  • Alexa rank is way different from my blog.
  • I got a PR 1 but the the copycat blog got zero.

Aside from those differences from my site, I was shocked that it has its own Alexa ranking:

Mine is this one:

I searched the internet on how to rectify this problem but to no avail. Did this ever happen to you? Maybe someone out there can help me with this. I may have made a mistake along the way. Any advice?

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  1. WOW! What's this? I'm very curious to know the answer too. I suggest you write to Google immediately Bhing.

    1. Hey Peter, good to hear back from you. I already asked them and looks like I have nothing to worry about. :) I will write another post for this one.

  2. Yeah I think it is Google redirecting your readers from India. I am not positive tho. The first time I typed in into Google search it brought me to Google homepage. I tried again and saw a couple articles stating they are redirecting the visitors. The articles were not official from Blogger, but it made a lot of sense and that was my first thought before I Googled. I can see the concern! I am sure it is all good.

    1. Hello Dawn, thanks for dropping by. I did a research on this and just found out it is not just happening to my own blog but as well as to other Blogger hosted blogs which do not use custom domain. I've just made a new post on why Google is taking this approach. Hope you can check it out.



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