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Online writing is one of the most common online jobs for everyone. If you have the knack for writing, then you can apply readily on several legitimate writing sites. One of the writing sites that I have joined these past few months is So, far I have not started writing for them yet but I am planning to start soon once my schedule from my full time work is fixed. Anyway, for those of you who may be interested to join, here is what I learned from the site:

What is

Skyword is a site that gives opportunities to online writers to work for the leading brands in the market. Hired Skyword writers are trained to write using Skyword platform and some SEO techniques. Skyword has a user friendly tool that will guide writers with no SEO experience. There are also step-by-step instructions that you can browse through for you to learn more about online writing. Once you learned all these techniques, you now have greater opportunities to publish your content to various major brands and media sites. Aside earning extra cash from Skyword, any hired freelance writer can start building their portfolio and get exposure to all those brands when they start writing. 

How does work?

Now, after learning the ropes within Skyword's platform, you are ready to join different programs. You need to complete three steps for the application process. Your application will be reviewed thoroughly  by a  program manager. You will get a notification of your application whether you are accepted or not to the program. Don't worry, there are several programs to choose from. The photo bellow shows some of the available programs that a Skywriter may join in.

Now, all you need to do is to click Join Program on the right side if you are interested to write for a certain program. You fill out some information. You will be asked about your writing qualifications, a writing sample and other requirements. Wait for your approval and once approved, you can now start writing. Actually, joining Skyword is quite easy however, it is joining those programs which are a bit challenging. You can either be rejected or approved of your application.

Who can apply for

Upon signing up on Skyword, you fill out your country of residence on their online form. You can also choose the languages you can write in. So, I think any individual can apply even outside from the US as long as you got a passion for writing.

How much can I earn?

Your income will depend on the the companies' or brands you are writing for. Some programs offer a flat rate which would range from US$5 to as high as US$40 per article. Still, there are some programs that pay through per page view.

How do I get paid?

Payment is through PayPal account on a bimonthly basis.

My verdict:

I like the fact that the people behind Skyword are quite accommodating and they always update their writers especially newbies like me. I receive email messages from them regarding some announcements and other important stuffs. Every freelance writer would always want to work for a company who is readily available for their employees and I think Skyword is able to provide me with that. So far, I have read positive feedback from people about this site. Soon, I will start writing for them and hopefully my working experience with them would be great. Anyway, if you are interested to sign up the site, just check out

Now, if you got any ideas, violent reactions or experiences to share regarding, feel free to share it on the comment box. Your comments are highly appreciated.

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  1. Working on line us often much harder than people think. Everyone starts and are convinced that they are going to make a fortune overnight, but in reality it takes a lot of work and unless you live in a country where the cost of living is low and minimum wage is low, you are not going to get rich quick, however it is good for an extra income or for a person who has to be at home anyhow to bring in a few extra dollars to the family.
    Good blog thanks for sharing your information

    1. Yes, I totally agree with you, Brenda. It is not as easy as what others might think. You need to do a lot of experiments whether a certain site you applied for is legit or not. And the pay, it is not as promising as a regular paying employee can get.

      "unless you live in a country where the cost of living is low and minimum wage is low, you are not going to get rich quick"
      This one is also true.

      Anyway, there are still few individuals who hit the jackpot and are now enjoying getting higher income within their homes. Bottom line is, if you want to earn extra income, there are several sites and not just writing sites that you can explore online. Hard work is really important as well as determination for you to have a promising online job. Anyway, thanks for dropping by, Brenda. Hope to see you around. :)

  2. After writing at Skyword for the past year, I don't really recommend them anymore. I used to love it but personal circumstances meant that I had to stop writing for a couple of months. I emailed my project manager and within a week, I was let go from the Daily Glow program, which I had always written more than my minimum 10 per month and my articles gained views on a very regular basis. When I returned, the program guidelines for Daily Glow News had changed without me realising. I started writing only to have some revisions - I wrote three, two of which were returned twice and one that was returned once. I reviewed the program guidelines again when I realised just how much they had changed and went on to write two more - both of which were never even looked at! Within two days of that, I was removed from the program for substandard work. I also started writing for the Lowes program, which only started around November time. I wrote one article for them and they said the program would be fully open from May 2012. That was then changed to September 2012. September came around and suddenly the program was closed. No warning about it and no real explanation. They don't care about their writers as much as they let on.

  3. I am disappointed and waiting for Gather to show up as an option. Daily Glow only offered "News", meaning you have to find your own titles. So did "Stack".

    I quit working there as it was a waste of my time to play guessing games. If Gather shows up, I will give it a try but I will not waste any more time.



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