Sunday, March 4, 2012

Get Paid To Blog With SponsoredReviews

 Get Paid To Blog With SponsoredReviews

There are several ways you can earn from your blog. You can earn from those advertisements, affiliate programs and blog reviews. Talking about blog reviews, one interesting site that bloggers might want to join would be SponsoredReviews. The following are important information regarding this site:

What is SponsoredReviews?

A site which gives opportunities to bloggers  to get in touch with advertisers, marketers and SEO's. There are corresponding amount of money for each approved post. You should take extra careful in following the required task by the advertisers. If you could not follow those requirements, your reviews would be rejected. Of course, you do not want that to happen especially when you are still building up yourself in the blogging review business.

Who can join SponsoredReviews?

Any blogger can join SponsoredReviews as long as your blog is three months old, got all original content with at least ten posts and indexed by major search engines.

How bloggers can earn money?

As a blogger, you submit your three months old blog to SponsoredReviews and wait for its approval. Approval would only take a day or two. Once approved, you can start bidding on any opportunity available on the site's platform. You should follow the instructions given by the advertisers or you might risk getting rejected. Give an honest review. Constructive criticisms are also welcome. Take note, you need first the approval of the advertiser for your bid. After that, you can earn a corresponding amount for writing the review. In addition, you must bid only on tasks that would match your blog category.  Plagiarized, rude and insulting review is a big "No-No". This would lead to account suspension.

How much can I earn from SponsoredReviews?

Earnings may vary according to the quality of your blog review and the number of your readers. One can earn anywhere from US$5 to even as high as US$1000 per blog post. In addition, if there are several available opportunities for you, you can grab all those and start writing blog reviews. The more reviews you made, the more bucks you can earn. 

How do I get paid?

Payments will be through PayPal account. You will get paid every two weeks.

My verdict:

Actually, my blog got approved from SponsoredReviews just last week. I am still trying to understand how it works. Right now, there are several advertisers from the site open for bidding. Categories range from Technology, Travel, House & Home, Health, Art, Personal, and several others. Now, if you are interested, feel free to check out,

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  1. Thanks for this review Bhing. I've registered with them and got approved. Hope to write a review soon and make some cash from this site.

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for dropping by. Hopefully, we could earn extra cash from this site. Don't forget to drop by here once more and share your experience with SponsoredReviews. :)

    2. It's been a month I registered with them and so far... nope still no business :( Maybe my price is too high or my blog is not good enough for those advertisers... Anyway, I'll keep bidding and keep you updated :)

    3. Hello Peter, thanks for dropping by. Your message went directly to my spam message. I was not able to post this right away. Anyway, I guess there are just too many bloggers who also bid for the those tasks. I tried other paid to blog sites as well.

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Dr. Dre, nice to see you. Hope you could share your experience regarding SponsoredReviews.

  3. I recently applied and got accepeted into sponsored reviews. It is a great way to earn extra money from your blog or website.



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