Friday, March 16, 2012

Quantity vs Quality Content Post

I have been blog hopping a lot lately. Trying to read, leave comments and bookmark blogs that are informative and interesting. These blogs give me additional information that might be useful in the future. Anyway, I have just noticed that there are bloggers that regularly post around 3-5 articles in a day while still there are blogs that only have a single post weekly or just around 5 to 10 posts a month.

It made me wonder, which is really important when it comes to blogging? Is it the quality or the quantity of your content? I read several blogs that stated that content is king. Well, it is...but it is also a known fact that with great quantity, the quality would diminish.

Quantity Content 

Correct me if I am wrong but the way I understand how search engines work, they usually grant higher ranking to blog sites with a lot of meat in them. So, which means, the higher rank your blog is, the more you gain visibility and  traffic. I observe that most blog sites that got 3 or more contents a day are about current events, movie blogs and personal blogs. 

Quality Content

Posting a quality content on your blog would take time to research depending on your niche. You also spend time proofreading before you publish your post. It may be a lot of hard work but the result is quite fulfilling. I have noticed several blog sites which have less contents in them but receive several comments and consistent visitors in their sites. 


Weighing all these things, I can say that quality is much better than quantity since you can get return visits and develop loyal readers who will be looking forward to your interesting posts. However, I cannot discard the fact that quantity is also important in blogging. These two should go hand in hand. Both are necessary for successful blogging. I have seen several blog sites that offer regular post each day without compromising their quality. Their secrets, some have several authors in their blog and some blogs offer guest posting. I can say guest posting will greatly help increase quantity and at the same time maintain the quality of your blog contents.

To fellow bloggers and readers, I would like to know your opinion regarding quantity against quality content. You might want to add something important regarding my post. This topic is nothing new and in fact there has been several discussions about this over the years. 
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  1. This is the type of question that has no right or wrong answer. I personally can't handle both quality and quantity at the moment, hence only post 4-5 articles per week. I do accept guest post, but it doesn't guarantee quality cuz a lot of them are either copied/pasted or spun. We have to be very careful in selecting guest articles, but it does help in many ways. Also I will make sure there will be at least 1 article published written by myself each week. A blog with only guest posts but the blog owner never or seldom write his own will make the blog looks more like an article directories. I think if one can handle both quality and quantity, then I don't see why he/she shouldn't go for it.

    1. Thanks for sharing your idea, Peter. I appreciate your additional input regarding guest posting. Anyway, I have seen bigger blogs with multi-authors in them. What do you think about this?

    2. To be honest, that's what I'm going to do if my blog achieved that kind of status. You get to know some good authors along the way and built good relationships and trust with them, hence giving them the authority to manage the blog together with you when the blog has become huge. These group of people usually manage multiple big blogs together, you really need all the help you can get because it's impossible to handle so many at the same time. Yea, in my opinion, it's very common that blogs, especially big blogs have multi-authors. Some even have multi-administrators from different countries. I think that's one of the ways if not the only way, to bring a blog to even bigger audience. Well that's just my personal opinion Bhing.

    3. Wow...Im pretty sure that you can achieve your goal in the near future. Your blog got great contents. You are building more loyal readers. Thats already a great start to something bigger. You are an inspiration, Peter. Thanks for sharing your wonderful opinion, as always...:)

  2. Thank you for sharing! I am new to blogging and learning about this as I move along...your information has helped me thank you!

    1. Hi Shelrena, it's nice of you to dropped by here. Glad that I can share my ideas to you and everyone reading this blog. I visited your blog and it looks promising. Hope to see you around. :)



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