Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Earn Money By Becoming a Mystery Shopper

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My friend has just recently joined a mystery shopping site. She has been asking me regarding the legitimacy of mystery shopping. Actually, I already joined a mystery shopping site before but I never got the chance to perform the task assigned to me. 

Anyway, mystery shopping came to rise due to those market research companies. They commission mystery shoppers to evaluate the quality of services and products of some establishments. These mystery shoppers would then pose as a regular shopper to do some specific tasks assigned to them. Most of these tasks include purchasing a product, inquiring about the prices of products, evaluating customer's service and more. After that, you provide a detailed report to the market research company who hired you. Usually, you only have to fill in some online questionnaires and key in your feedback. Based from my experience, mystery shoppers are asked to visit places like fast food chains, computer shops, jewelry shops, testing centers, restaurants, retail stores and several others.

Now, if you enjoy shopping, you think this might be the right job for you to earn extra income. But wait, I heard several feedback from other people that there are several mystery shopping sites that do not readily pay their freelance employees. They give reasons like your evaluation is not detailed or you fail to follow the appropriate requirements and so on... So are they scammers? I cannot really attest their authenticity as there are tons of sites that hire mystery shoppers these days. You have to do a thorough research first before you accept the job. Sometimes, you need to shell out your cash as part of your task and later on it will be refunded. The problem here is what if your report is not approved, then you lost your cash which could have been enough to buy you a ticket to a movie. 

Anyway, if you got any experience to share regarding mystery shopping, feel free to share it here. Your opinion is of high value to everyone.

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  1. A Mystery Shopper goes into establishments and poses as a regular customer. While there they may make a purchase, ask questions or make a return. After the visit the mystery shopper completes an evaluation report that summarizes their interaction during their visit. Mystery Shopping is used so companies can find out how their employees interact with customers.

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    1. Hi Mac, thanks for dropping by and sharing your idea about this topic. :)

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  3. Now, that sounds interesting! Your post will surely entice people to try mystery shopping and earn good compensation.



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